Empirical success profiles for recruiting and internal job market

MINDONEselect is a sophisticated multidimensional profiling tool for successful job placement. It delivers the profiles in a compact form in order to reliably select the top performers for different positions.


  • Setting objective standards in the selection process
  • Empirical creation of success profiles
  • Profile adjustments with multiple positions
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Internal job market
  • Combination with other diagnostic tools to increase decision quality

Overview of MINDONEselect

MINDONEselect is based on a combination of different parameters based on proven psychological models, giving you an overview of the following dimensions within thirty minutes:

  • motivational structure
  • professional interests
  • personality

A numerical test can also be applied and combined with MINDONEselect, if desired.

The combination of these analysis dimensions significantly increases the validity of the results. Through empirical benchmarks, customised on the basis of the requirements for the position to be filled, you can see at a glance in which areas the candidates fit the desired profile and in which there are discrepancies. Depending on the position and requirements, only parts of the multidimensional profiling can be carried out in a time-saving manner.

Different reports as required

You can receive different types of reports with just one click, from an overview of the results, to an individual report for the participant, to a graphical representation that provides a comparison with the position- and company-specific benchmarks.

Professional interview guide as support

A professional interview guide supports you in a further dialogue with selected participants. The questions listed there shed further light on individual topics to give you an in-depth basis for a final decision.

Can be used alone or together with other selection measures

As already described, you can use MINDONEselect to pre-select candidates without any further complementary measures. A combination of MINDONEselect with a recruitment interview or an assessment centre increases the quality of the final decision through additional observable behaviour of the most promising candidates.

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