New standards in the analysis of leadership and key personnel

Through the innovative combination of multidimensional perspectives, MINDONEpotential becomes the profiling tool for key performers.


  • Assessment of leadership and key performers
  • Management positions: post-merger, change processes, recruiting
  • Career Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Basis for leadership development
  • Mindset analysis
  • Analysis of the leadership culture
  • Analysis of company-specific success factors
  • Controlling of development measures
  • Combination with other diagnostic tools (for example 360°, DC, etc.)

Overview of MINDONEpotential

MINDONEpotential is much more than a conventional personality test. Our innovative combination of multifaceted perspectives makes MINDONEpotential the profiling tool for key performers.

Our online questionnaire uses a forced choice model to determine a reliable and comprehensive profile of your executives and key performers. The high reliability and definitiveness of the results are based on proven psychological models that underlie the five dimensions of MINDONEpotential. Within sixty minutes, you’ll get a clear picture of:

  • motivators
  • professional interests
  • thought and learning styles
  • personality characteristics
  • numerical and analytical skills

Meaningful Basis for Career Planning and Management Development

MINDONEpotential reveals core personality patterns, supports the selection of managers and provides insight into the mindset of your managers. Our potential analysis tool also reveals a person’s understanding of leadership as well as his or her strengths and areas for development. Some applications include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Development and career planning: Interests and motives indicate the direction in which a person wants to develop. Together, the four dimensions indicate where development is needed and which levers are best to apply.
  • Retention and management recommendations: Together, motivational structure and personality provide important information on management and retention opportunities.
  • Potential: MINDONEpotential identifies one’s potential, especially high potentials.
  • Competencies: Taken together, the five dimensions can be used to derive reliable indicators of management competencies.

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