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We are not satisfied with the second best solution

Pure Innovation: Multidimensional Profiling

For more than 25 years, we have dedicated ourselves to diagnosing top performers in companies and to understanding their patterns of action and success. We were one of the first to carry out action-oriented development diagnostics in the early 90s, and in the following years we supplemented our analyses with the extensive use of test methods from the market leaders.

From these experiences, we have developed innovative test procedures that set new standards. We combine the results of different test dimensions into a holistic picture: interests – motives – style of thinking – personality – cognitive abilities. We rely on an empirical approach and create a deeper understanding of individual patterns.

All of our studies have shown that multi-dimensional perspectives deliver much more valid results than personality tests on the market and can be used more widely.

We create flexible innovative instruments

Intelligent evaluation processes

In close cooperation with companies, we have searched for intelligent solutions for internal evaluation processes. For example, we have further developed existing 360° solutions in such a way that information is better evaluated and the participants can use them more easily and more meaningfully.

With the Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation, we have perfected a system that very effectively and efficiently establishes a networked and fair assessment of achievers and sets leadership development in motion.

The MINDONE Engagement Map puts employee satisfaction in line with motivational patterns, providing a leadership steering tool that is far more effective than classic employee satisfaction analysis

We network information for reliable gain of knowledge

Talent Management: on the pulse of time

Digitisation does not only take place in tests, retention programs and internal evaluation processes, but also in the possibility to carry out Development or Assessment Centers digitally and location-independently.

Use our consulting for the entire talent management process. As flexible and intelligent as the digital solutions are, we have increased their significance and validity compared to conventional instruments: the quality of the instruments stands or falls with the prudent introduction to the company and its professional handling.

Our conviction is that the highest priority is the respectful treatment of all persons who entrust themselves to the instruments in order to be able to benefit from gaining knowledge. Our Key Performance Consulting actively supports you in the entire Talent Management process.