Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation

We organise intelligent assessment processes of executives

Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation of MINDONE leads to an increase in performance and quality standards in leadership – and thus a measurable increase in company performance.


  • Substantial implementation of mission statements and competence models
  • Establishment of cross-divisional management standards
  • Establishment of cross-divisional valuation standards
  • Strengthening the performance culture in the company
  • Continuous assessment of leadership performance
  • Increasing the quality of evaluation
  • Basis for personnel and structural development measures
  • Additional tool for external management audits for staffing and change processes

Overview of Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation

MINDONE’s Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation is an online tool for assessing the performance and competencies of managers. It establishes transparent standards for the evaluation of managers’ performance. By increasing the quality of management, it contributes to a measurable increase in company performance.

Performance and Competencies as Key Metrics

To increase objectivity and reduce discrepancies in the assessment of performance and competencies, we rely on comparative methods (benchmarking performance against that of other employees) and make sure to involve multiple observers. Evaluation of management levels is carried out by the respective superordinate level, thereby incorporating into the results various insights into the manager being evaluated.

A forced ranking system necessitates clear evaluations and decisions and allows for a comprehensive assessment of top performers based on three dimensions:

  • Performance: What results does the person achieve?
  • Competencies: What are the competencies that distinguish him/her in particular?
  • Potential: To what extent has the person’s potential already been tapped and/or in what direction can he/she still evolve?

Forced Ranking System: Flexibility via Modularity

Supplementing with systematic multivariate profiling supports you in further increasing the objectivity of results and generating benchmarks. To gain additional perspectives when assessing competencies, we recommend a comprehensive analysis using 360° feedback. While the forced ranking system and 360° feedback provide information on how an executive is perceived in the company, profiling provides an external perspective on potential and development levers.

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