Engagement Map

When employees are the main asset

The MINDONE Engagement Map identifies the maximum impact of motivational measures and allows employees to be more committed and motivated.


  • Retention of key employees and high potentials
  • Increase of engagement
  • Improved result
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Reduction of turnover
  • Instrument in the planning and controlling of change processes

Overview of Engagement Map

Our Engagement Map raises levels of satisfaction within the company — but is capable of much more. Engagement Map goes deeper than conventional employee surveys, which only reflect the current mood in the company. It combines the general conditions experienced with employees’ underlying motivators and retention factors and compares current and desired situations. Based on this, we recommend concrete measures for the greatest possible effect.

  • Survey of general motivators
  • Survey of satisfaction in the company
  • Binding factors: comparison of current and target situation
  • ADerivation of strengths and development areas based on the greatest levers of impact

The Most Promising Measures for Your Company

In an online survey we combine an employee satisfaction questionnaire tailored to your company with a ranking of the most significant motivational factors of your workforce. The results not only reveal the strengths of your company, but also areas for action ranked according to priority. We can then recommend very specific measures for each area. Engagement Map also provides clear advice as to whether the incentive systems used to date in your company are the right ones.

Loyalty of Key Personnel to the Company

We place additional focus on evaluating the motivational structure within the company and identifying the levers that generate the greatest possible employee loyalty to the company. Especially in change processes (e.g. reorganisation or merger), such information is essential to your managers. They can use the information to strategically retain key personnel and top performers in the company and thus stabilise the new structure.

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