360° Leadership Monitoring

Reflect on success from all sides!

MINDONE 360° Leadership Monitoring uses feedback to strengthen the company’s success factors. It impresses with its high flexibility, professional evaluations and careful process support.


  • Implementation of mission statement and leadership skills
  • Strengthening the key success competences
  • Reflection on one’s own leadership effect on the work environment
  • Controlling instrument in the mission statement and leadership development processes
  • Definition of development goals
  • Analysis of the leadership culture, especially in change processes
  • Design, roll-out and monitoring of the data collection process
  • Professional feedback for the target group of the 360° procedure

Overview of 360° Leadership Monitoring

MINDONE 360° analysis provides information on how a person is perceived in their professional environment. By gathering various perspectives, 360° feedback provides a comprehensive picture and thus a resulting high-quality analysis. MINDONE 360° analysis is characterised by its innovative questioning technique and can be adapted to reflect company-specific competencies, guidelines and values.

Requirements profile and competency model

Based on the requirements profile, all necessary key competencies are summarised in the form of a competency model. The alignment of the tool with the requirement profile of a position serves as a basis for employee assessment and as a starting point for individual further development or organisational development measures.


We create the questionnaire for you based on your competencies. The questions are adapted to the company-specific language to ensure maximum identification, validity and practical relevance. The critical competencies for the survey as well as the appropriate wording are optionally collected in advance through interviews.

Simple, fast, anonymous

The entire process, starting with the invitation of the participants to the evaluation of the feedback, is carried out electronically.

Your data are safe in our data centre – encrypted, anonymised and of course secured against unauthorised access.

From standards to complete customisation, the tool offers all possibilities.

Professional process support

  • Development of a communication strategy tailored to your corporate culture
  • Information events and workshops for the managers and employees involved
  • Design, roll-out and monitoring of the data collection process
  • Professional feedback for the target group of the 360° process

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